Registration Announcements

2017 Registration Fees and Deposits - Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Tackle Football Registration:  $325

Please register early!  Rosters will be filled on a first-come, first-served basis.

Custom Jersey Fee

Each player will be charged for a customized game jersey that will have the players name on it again this year.  The jersey color this year will be blue.  The cost of the jersey will be $70.00. If you need to purchase a white jersey you will have the opportunity to do so at Equipment Pickup from Fischer's.

Fundraising (Applies to Tackle Football)

The fundraiser amount is $90.  Each family will receive 6 car wash certificates to either resell, use, or give as a gift.  Proceeds from the CFA Fundraiser support the maintenance of our helmets and shoulder pads.   

Work Duty (Applies to Tackle Football)

For the 2017 season, the Chesterfield Football Association (CFA) is instituting the Mandatory Work Duty Requirement and Work Duty Buyout. CFA still relies upon many volunteers to support the operation of our organization. The mandatory work duty requirement will consist of assisting with Equipment Pick Up/Equipment Return, weigh-in, Jelly Jamboree, Pigskin Classic or Field Set Up. If you choose to buy out of the work duty it will be $125.00


Items Required at Tackle Football Equipment Pick Up

  • Equipment Deposit - $200

All deposit checks will be collected at equipment pickup -- you will not be issued equipment without them.  Deposit checks will be held until the end of season and will be returned when Equipment is returned.

Payment Plans

Payment plans are also available and can be set up during registration.  Please note that all fees must be paid before you are allowed to participate in the first games of the season.

Refunds or partial refunds will be given through August 11th, 2017 for cancellations and drops. (Please note: A $50 processing fee will be charged for all refunds.)



Equipment Deposit:  $200

Your check will be returned at the end of the season once ALL equipment has been returned to the CFA.


Player Certification - Additional Household Information

The Gateway Football League (GFL) By-Laws specifies, the Chesterfield Football Association (CFA) must determine a player’s primary residence when determining the eligibility of a particular player.  

In support of the certification process, all families will have to enter their Primary Address, Time Spent at the Primary Address, along with their player’s School Name and School’s Zip Code.   If a player does not have a Secondary Address, then family will submit N/A in the Secondary Address field, and 0% in the field for How Much Time at the Secondary Address.

What if my player resides at two residences?
We realize there may be situations where players may live at multiple addresses due to their family situation.    In the event a player resides at multiple addresses, all families will have to enter their Primary Address, Time spent at the Primary Address, a Secondary Address, Time spent at the Secondary Address, along with their player’s School Name and School’s Zip Code.   

PLEASE NOTE:   All parties involved, player, player’s parent, head coach, assistant coach, business manager, and CFA are responsible to make certain player’s information submitted during the registration process is accurate.   Please note the information submitted during registration is utilized by CFA for the league certification process.  Any player, player’s parent, coach, or business manager who knowingly omits or submits false information as part of the registration or certification process, will face disciplinary action from CFA.