Fundraising Program Details

In 2015, the Chesterfield Football Association (CFA) has transitioned to a mandatory fundraiser.  The fundraiser amount was reduced by $30 to $90.  Each family will receive 6 car wash certificates to either resell, use, or give as a gift.     Proceeds from the CFA Fundraiser support the maintenance of our helmets and shoulder pads.

This year, Fundraiser Fee will provide 6 - $15 Full Service Car Wash Certificates for you to keep or to sell.  Here are some reasons why Fundraising with Waterway is a great option for us!

  • You are selling a high quality / useful product
    • Full Service Car Wash = Exterior wash PLUS interior vacuum, interior windows, dashboard and console wipe down, and thorough hand-dry. (or $15 off a wash of greater value)
  • The coupons have no expiration date.  The buyer can them in their glove box and use them whenever their car is dirty.
  • No mark up.  We are charging the buyer the exact same amount that they would pay at Waterway.  So stock up!!
  • No additional SUV charges - Customer will not have to pay any additional SUV up charges because they are using a coupon.
  • For our CFA families Ease of Use - no order forms, no order taking, no merchandise to deliver later, no food to refrigerate or store.  Deliver on the spot, get paid on the spot.

The 6 Waterway $15 Full Service Car Wash Certificates will be ordered during registration and can be picked up at Equipment Pick Up.   If you would like more than 6 certificates, additional certificates will be available for purchase at Equipment Pick Up.  

TEAM FUNDRAISING OPPORTUNITY - We encourage individual teams to take advantage of this fundraising opportunity to help offset individual team expenses.   CFA teams interested in a fundraiser can purchase additional certificates.  Contact

Thank you for your support of CFA and Waterway Carwash!

Waterway Carwash - A Better Way to Clean!

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Waterway® is an industry-leading, full-service car wash company, and we make a positive impact on our communities.

Waterway Gas & Wash® has spent nearly 40 years exceeding expectations and setting a new standard for car washes. Waterway® owns and operates 19 full-service car wash and gasoline stations in upscale communities in St. Louis, Kansas City, Denver and Cleveland. We are an acknowledged leader in the premium, full-service segment of our industry.

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We, at Waterway Gas & Wash, are sincere about being a positive, valued and contributing member of the communities we serve. Waterway provides jobs, beautifies properties and partners with community-based organizations to give back to our neighborhoods. Waterway leaders serve on local boards and are active members of many non-profit organizations.

We have a decade-long partnership with MADD, and are active with Junior Achievement and many other charitable organizations. Waterway has been providing exceptional care for our customers and their cars since 1970. And we’re growing in the best sites in the best markets. We are excited about our growth and our future.

Remember it’s not really clean, until it’s Waterway Clean® — stop by and let us prove it to you today!